Toimitilanne Suomi

Toimitilanne Suomi leases warehouses, offices and self storage for companies and consumers. The properties are situated in the Helsinki Metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa) in Southern Finland: Nurmijärvi 30 km from Helsinki, Järvenpää 40 km from Helsinki and Orimattila near Lahti, 90 km from Helsinki. 


The properties are owned by the Hanttu brothers and their companies. If you would like to hear more, you can discuss your real estate needs with

Tatu Hyvärinen tel. +358 40 145 7845 (Helsinki - Suutarila - Lampputie, Helsinki - Suutarila - ValokaariEspoo - JuvanmalmiVantaa - Luhtaanmäki, Nurmijärvi - Klaukkala).

Björn Lindgren tel. +358 41 581 8560 (Helsinki - Lauttasaari, Helsinki - Kamppi, Espoo - Kiviruukki, Espoo - Kauklahti, Espoo - Tapiola).


Available warehouses (in Finnish)

Some of our warehouses are also suitable for manufacturing purposes, see more (in Finnish).


Available offices (in Finnish)
Available office rooms (in Finnish)

Self storage

We have self storages in five locations:
Helsinki - Kamppi (in Finnish)
Helsinki - Suutarila (in Finnish)
Espoo - Kiviruukki (in Finnish)
Nurmijärvi - Klaukkala (in Finnish)
Lahti - Orimattila (in Finnish)

Maintenance request

The Maintenance request form guides you also in English.

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